Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Snippets

This post started out to be 'Friday Fragments', but since I didn't get it posted yesterday, we'll call it 'Saturday Snippets.' Lol. It has been a busy, fun-filled week, and I'll share a little about a lot, with a few words and a few more photos.

Last Saturday was the wedding of Grant and Becca. Grant is the son of Daryl (Jim's cousin) and Ruthann. The wedding took place at the beautiful Irwin Gardens in Columbus, Indiana. The rehearsal was, of course, the Friday evening prior. I was set to help Ruthann by scattering a few dozen helium-filled balloons in the garden and taking some photos of the festivities. While everyone was gathering, a little patch of a strong thunderstorm settled right over the venue and altered a few of their best-laid plans.
With an eye on the radar and umbrellas in hand, the wedding party took advantage of a break in the clouds and bravely proceeded to rehearse in the rain. These two, the adorable ring bearer and flower girl, were ready to do their jobs come rain or shine.
They also took a little break for a game of hide and seek in the garden. (Or maybe Abby was attempting to get Liam back into position to practice their walk.)
He was excited to be the 'ring bear', and even did one run-through with a bear mask.
Becca and her dad paused at the top of the 'aisle.'
So beautiful, even in the rain.
They're ready! Nice thing was, they got the rain all over with during the rehearsal leaving Saturday soaked in sunshine.
Although the dinner had already been moved inside, the skies cleared enough for us to put a few balloons in the garden, which the little ones enjoyed.

Saturday was beautiful and warm, and absolutely perfect for a garden wedding. These photos were taken by Jennifer, our favorite LinneaLiz associate photographer. :) Aren't they stunning?
The new Mr. and Mrs. Smith. May God bless their marriage!

I did not take any photos at the wedding or reception, so the ones I have posted were stolen used with permission borrowed from friends and family. :) Saturday was also the Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the Triple Crown. Post time was just after the conclusion of the ceremony, and below is a photo of my dad and Adam watching on Adam's phone as American Pharoah won the race and the Triple Crown. A day to remember!
Stewmama with my girls...
and with my boys.
I love this photo, taken by Brad's fiancee, Katie, of Ruthann, Stew and Brad watching Grant and Becca's first dance. Ruthann looked so beautiful, and what a blessing it was for her to be able to participate fully in the wedding celebration just 24 days post surgery.
She laughed, she danced, she welcomed guests, and she enjoyed every minute of a blessed and beautiful day. Praise God! Please remember Ruthann in your prayers as she continues her battle with leiomyosarcoma.
Blessed to be surrounded by some of my besties, including the beautiful mother of the groom.

On Sunday, we had lunch together after church at Carriage on the Square to celebrate Jonathan's birthday. He was headed to a golf game, his idea of a perfect birthday. :)

On Monday, we had dinner with Jennifer, Bryan, Noah and Piper for a late celebration of Bryan's birthday. We had a little time before dinner to enjoy the park.
Tuesday evening included some tree planting at Bryan and Jennifer's,
including a Jane Magnolia for Piper Jayne.

On Thursday evening, I got to see my cousin, Rick, who I have not seen in over 30 years. He was in Indy on business, and we met at my brother's house. Below is a photo of my brother, Ted, my dad, and Rick.
Later Thursday, I watched Jamalyn's daughter, Margaret, in a performance of 'The Jungle Book.' She did a great job! There she is, front and center.
Darci, Andrew, and the kids came as well, and they posed with Margaret after the show.
Margaret and me.

Becca and Grant spent a few days at the lake house after the wedding, and sent me these pictures. Aren't they cute? They even match!
And my view on this beautiful Saturday morning….ahhhhh….


Terri D said...

Your lake house is in such a beautiful place! Love seeing the photos of the wedding and all of your loved ones!

Linda Kay said...

A lovely spot for a lake house, for sure. So glad the wedding worked out okay despite the rain.