Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Friends of my friends are my friends."

Here is Jennifer with some of her new friends. The little one right in front of her is Jed, who has become her little shadow. We had a good day at the school yesterday, and took about 350 school pictures, so we are more than halfway done! In the afternoon, Lois and Karen met with the women's group and made some jewelry to take back to sell at home. Jennifer had the opportunity to talk with a veterinarian, and that was very interesting for her. Late yesterday afternoon, Jamalyn, Jennifer, Dick, and I went down to the orphanage and made beaded necklaces with the kids.

Today is a national holiday, so there is no school. After breakfast, we went for coffee at Madame Chery's, and then went down to school to meet with the kids in the sponsorship program. Jamalyn asked that they come to school to make bookmarks for their sponsors, and we had around 130 kids there in 5 classrooms. It is very interesting to be in charge of a project when no one in the class can understand you! We managed, though, and will be sending the bookmarks out when we return to the states.

We came back to the guest house for lunch, and will meet with the women's group again this afternoon. After that, we are invited to Jezula's house for an afternoon snack. She is Jamalyn's good friend who lives just across from the guest house with her 5 children. When we are finished there, we will go to the orphanage with new flip flops for the kids which we plan to decorate with fabric strips and pipe cleaners and beads. Busy days here in Haiti! Oh, and yesterday, I also managed to print the 350 school pictures that we have taken so far. We will give them to the teachers so that each child will have a picture to keep. We will also print photos for the 4 classes that will take the national exam to go on their test.

Jennifer is enjoying the kids, and is trying to remember some of her high school french to help with communication. She even joined in the soccer game in the school yard this morning. Earplugs helped us sleep a little better last night, as the roosters, donkeys, dogs, etc. were at least muffled a bit!

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