Friday, November 20, 2009

Goodbye Fondwa

We finished up the school pictures on Thursday, and got to watch another soccer match in the schoolyard during their recess. Jamalyn thinks we took almost every student's picture, and I worked in the evening to print them and package them to give to the teachers to distribute.

Here is a picture of Jennifer and me taking a photo break on the walk up from school. It is a climb in the noonday sun. I carry my camera so that I have a reason to stop and rest.

Thursday afternoon, we met with the women's group again, and some of the older girls from the orphanage and the community. The women made ribbon barrettes, and the girls made knotted floss bracelets. It is a bit like chaos trying to teach crafts when only Jamalyn can understand everyone there. She has the challenge of translating back and forth, and she does a great job.

After we finished with the women, we headed down to the orphanage with 40 pairs of new flip flops for the kids. We tied fabric strips to decorate them and also tied some on elastic hair ties. The kids also got glow bracelets, which were fun for them in the dark of the orphanage. We hiked back up in the dark, and we were glad we had our head lamps! Not sure how those kids do it in the dark.

This morning, it was time to pack up and leave Fondwa. Jennifer had a last hug with her buddy Jed.

Before getting in the van, we took a minute for a group picture. Since some of us were struggling with a bit of a "bug" it was truly the picture of "here we go, a-laughin' and a scratchin'."

In the picture, you can see Marjory and Dick, Jamalyn, Susan, Karen, Jennifer, Lois, and Jim and Sophie Snapper. He is a doctor from North Carolina, and Sophie is his daughter. They were fun to have as part of our group.

The trip to Port au Prince is just a lot of work, with hot winding roads, fumes, and queasy tummies. At this point in the trip, our thoughts turn to home, and how blessed we are to be able to return to the many comforts we take for granted every day.

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Lisa said...

Hi,Susan! I love your blog reports from Fondwa. Looks like another amazing trip. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts & photos!