Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Dat! Drew Dat!

The highlight of our trip to New Orleans was, of course, the Saints game. Just a warning, this post includes a ridiculous amount of pictures. If you would like to see the other 200 not posted here, just ask. :)
After a pre-game brunch at Emeril's, we were off to the Superdome. I can't look at it without thinking of the citizens of New Orleans who took refuge there during Hurricane Katrina.

We were the first regular ticket holders in line at our entrance when the doors opened at 1:00. This is the view from our seats.

It was fun to be able to watch the pre-game warmups. Here is Drew Brees chatting with Carolina's quarterback, Jake Delhomme.

Drew Brees going through his pre-game warmup routine.

Practicing a handoff to Reggie Bush. Don't you like Reggie's shoes?

Heading to the locker room.

Stopping to sign autographs. What a great guy. Everyone we visited with in New Orleans agreed with me on that.

Back on the field to finish warming up. Sharing a light moment with the coach.

Coach Sean Payton walks through the warmup.

The pre-game intros are quite impressive. It was neat to see them inflate the tunnel.

On the sidelines during the National Anthem.

Marques Colston, ready to go.

The captains meet midfield for the coin toss. Jonathan Vilma escorts the coin toss kid.

Carolina won the toss....

and the players are ready to get to work. Unfortunately, the Panthers got going a little more quickly than the Saints, and the home team found themselves behind early.

Jeremy, Reggie and the offense watch and wait for their chance to get back on the field.

This is the face you see after a fumble. Things weren't looking good for the home team. Some of us have seen this face before, right before a touchdown pass to Seth Morales to beat the Buckeyes. You gotta believe.

Sean Payton goes back to the playbook.

The defense gets instruction and waits for their chance to get out there and make some stops.

Coming back out after halftime. Drew runs the length of the field, touches the goal line, and comes back to the sidelines.

It's third down for the Panthers, and Drew gets ready.

As loud as it gets in the Superdome when Carolina has the ball, the fans get quiet when Drew and the offense get to work. It was a great atmosphere, with lots of friendly fans. Of course, we WERE cheering for the home team.

Here, Sean Payton has just thrown the challenge flag. The Saints lost the challenge and a time out.

One of my favorite images of Drew Brees through the years. Calling a play in the huddle.

Shockey and Brees on the sidelines. A seemingly unlikely pair that has come to be a vital part of the offense. Drew always has loved a good tight end. At one of the stores where we were shopping, they were out of Shockey jerseys. The clerk laughed and said they couldn't give them away last year, but this year they are selling out.

Drew's back up congratulates him as the clock winds down.

Running out to take a knee to end the game.

Final score: Carolina Panthers 20 New Orleans Saints 30. Who Dat! 8-0!

Players from both teams kneel in prayer after the game.

Big smiles after the game. A nice couple from Ohio was sitting in the stands and took our picture for us. They were in New Orleans to celebrate their anniversary and see the game. The man had been a Saints fan since his mom gave him an Archie Manning uniform when he was a little kid. It seems to me he's spent a long time waiting for a special season like this. It was great to be there to watch them make history by getting their 8th win in a row. Who Dat!

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