Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday Cake

I am not a good cook. I have a small collection of go to recipes that appear over and over at our family meals. So by about the third time you eat with us, you've pretty much seen my entire repertoire. This is one of those old faithful recipes that is always a big hit for a hungry crowd.

This cake recipe came from one of Grandma Alberta Stewart's best college friends. When one of the visits between their families coincided with a birthday, this was the cake she served. It has been a Stewart family favorite ever since... probably around 40 years. I made it last week for Andrew's birthday, and thought I would share the recipe and the tricks to this yummy dessert.

Melt one stick of margarine in the microwave.

Add one cup brown sugar and stir.

Spray a metal pan with cooking spray.

Pour the margarine/brown sugar mixture into pan and spread with a spoon.

Sprinkle liberally with semi-sweet chocolate chips. I have found that more chocolate chips makes the cake come out better. Which follows a well known theory that chocolate makes everything a little bit better. Of course.

Prepare a devil's food cake mix according to package instructions. I always use Duncan Hines. I think it is the best.

Pour prepared cake mix over chocolate chips in pan.

Spread batter to the edges of the pan to cover the chocolate chips. Bake according to package instructions (350 degrees for about 30 minutes).

When the cake comes out of the oven, immediately invert pan onto serving dish. Allow a few minutes for the chips to settle on the cake, and then remove pan.

I use two potholders (the pan is hot!) and two spoons to slowly lift the pan off. I tip the pan back and forth a few times to allow any chips in the pan to fall onto the cake.

It is delicious served with vanilla ice cream, and Jonathan thinks it's better the second day. It's a very simple cake with delicious results.

Matthew added candles, 2 and 6 for 26 years old, in John Deere colors.

Matthew, Riley, and Haleigh helped with the singing. Then they helped with the eating!

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