Friday, January 21, 2011

BOILERS!! Barely.

Wednesday night, the Boilers were hosting the visiting Nittany Lions at Mackey Arena. When I learned that Jonathan was going, and meeting Andrew there, and Jennifer and Bryan were going... I decided to go myself. Jim was out of town, and I didn't really want to watch all alone in the basement. Thanks to Rich and Becky for sharing tickets, Adam and I both got to attend the game. And it was a good one!

Before the game, we met for a quick dinner at 9 Irish Brothers.

It's a cute little Irish pub down on the levee in West Lafayette.

Jennifer and Bryan.

2 foolish brothers at 9 Irish Brothers. They love each other.

Irish BLT and fries.

After dinner, we parked our car at the AGR house and headed over to Mackey.  Purdue Pete was on hand to fire up the crowd.

Even from waaaay across the arena, Jon and Adam "smile" for the camera.

The Boilers were off to a good start! Boiler Up!

The Paint Crew does an awesome job cheering for the home team. They always have a few choice words for the team from Bloomington - even if they're not in the building.

The Boilers huddle up after a time out. There's our Robbie in the lower right of the picture. Did you hear he hurt his knee?

The team takes the floor. Not sure what LewJack is doing with the ref, but hey, whatever it takes. :)

On Saturday, ESPN College Gameday will be there broadcasting all day before the game against Michigan State. Come early. Wear black. Go Boilers!

The cheerleaders brought out this big credit card during the PEFCU fan cam contest. Everyone with a PEFCU card holds it up and the fan cam selects a prize winner.

I do have one of these beauties, but I don't want to damage it by actually using it, so it was in the car and not with me. Next time I'll be ready. As you can see, it's a close game!

Paint Crew shows their spirit.

Team huddles up.

I liked the guy in the middle. He would fit right in at a Saints game.

JJ was a beast. It was his last second shot that put the Boilers up by one to win the game. Whew! That was close.

The final scoreboard. A happy sight for the Boiler faithful.

After the game, we went back to the AGR house. Andrew and Adam discussed the office of VNR Finance. Andrew held that office when he was there, and Adam holds the office currently. The stairway in the foyer is reserved only for alumni, so Andrew took a little walk up the stairs.

He was joined by Jonathan, who took the short cut to alumni status after his one year at Purdue. Since they don't have AGR at that school in Bloomington, he was not able to continue his fraternity experience.

The group posed in the parlor in front of the fireplace.

And Jonathan assumed his favorite position on the couch. A position he would continue in the car on the way home. Thankfully, I was driving. :)

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