Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gummy Bug Lab

Jennifer gave Matthew a Gummy Bug Lab kit for Christmas, and last week on her day off, they were able to attempt the experiment.

First, they read the directions.

They measured the gummy powder.

They selected a flavor...

and mixed it with water...

with the stir stick.

Matthew learned how to use the pipette, which is like a big eyedropper.  Aunt Fer uses them at work sometimes.

He carefully squeezed the gummy potion into the mold.

Whose big hand is trying to get in on the project?  Big Jon!

Such concentration!

Aunt Fer finishes up.

They had a great time working together on a fun project.  Unfortunately, the gummy bugs didn't set up, and we didn't get to taste them or get a picture of the finished product.  They did have enough gummy mix to make another batch, so we will try it again someday.  Hopefully we will have better results next time.  And honestly, Matthew didn't care as much about the finished gummy bugs as he did about the time he spent with Aunt Jennifer.  : ) 

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