Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wild Wings and Comfy Cow

I was in Louisville last weekend, staying with Matthew and Haleigh on Friday night, and staying for their birthday celebration on Sunday. On Saturday, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch since Darci had a coupon for a free dessert. We wouldn't want to pass this up now would we?

She and Matthew selected the dessert. And they shared.

Matthew enjoyed his portion.

And Haleigh was hopeful for a little bite for herself.

After lunch, Matthew and Andrew spent some time playing Angry Birds on my phone. I'm told it's a fun game. I would really prefer Happy Birds, but that's just me.

I'm not sure which kid enjoyed it more.

Haleigh just watched.

Of course, no trip to Louisville is complete without a visit to our favorite, The Comfy Cow. Makes me drool just thinking about it. This time, I had a coupon for a free scoop for my birthday. I was so happy they still had my favorite, Peppermint Stick. I believe it's not just for the holidays any more. And with a dollop of hot fudge? Perfect.

I always notice something new in their decorations. So cute.

I think Matthew got his favorite, Cookie Monster Dough.

It's a good thing that a missing front tooth doesn't interfere with eating ice cream!

Haleigh was anxious to get a bite.

Her daddy shared, and she loved it. But of course!

Aunt Becky and Darci loved theirs too.

This face pretty much sums up how we feel about the Comfy Cow! It might be cold outside, but inside, it's suh-weeeeet!

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