Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Haleigh!

Today, our sweet granddaughter Haleigh is ONE year old!

Her mommy, Darci, had a birthday on Saturday, so I thought I would post a baby picture of her, too. That's Darci on the left, and Haleigh on the right. I apologize to Darci's sisters for cropping them out of the photo! Matthew got cropped out too. :)

     Here is Haleigh just home from the hospital last January. She is such a sweet and happy baby.

 We love watching her grow and change.  
She crawls.

She eats. 
(With a whole mouth full of teeth! 
Not sure what the tooth count is today.)

She walks.

She is SOOO BIG!
And we are SOOO BLESSED!

Happy Birthday Haleigh!
I love you!

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