Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Memorial Day Memories

Sunday was finally warm and sunny, and we were able to enjoy the lake. Sam tried out the kayak, and Matthew was able to hitch a ride across the cove.

Jim and Ted enjoyed the deck.

Matthew was ready for a paddle boat ride.

He worked to get it loose from the dock.

And went for a ride with Grandpa.

Jennifer and Bryan enjoyed the hammock.

They needed a rest after their morning run at Brown County State Park.

Haleigh walked around on the dock. It's hard work with a life jacket on!

Alli and Adam gave Haleigh a little rest on the bench with them.

Matthew discovered something in the water.

He got his dad to help him.

It was a huge log!

Time to relax on the oasis.

Darci and Ella enjoy the dock.

Matthew tried out his inflatable Shamu. It was tricky to stay on him!

This is Jim after swimming out to retrieve the runaway whale.

We took an evening ride on the pontoon boat. 
Adam and Alli.

Jennifer and Bryan.


Jennifer, Bryan, David, Adam, Alli, Shylah's dad Don, and Shylah. 
(Janelle is hiding behind Bryan.)

Haleigh is happy to be taking a boat ride.

Andrew, Ella, Haleigh, Darci, and Matthew.

On Monday morning, Matthew decided to toss a line in the lake and try a little fishing. I got him some worms, which work better for him than the artificial bait that Big Jon uses. He can bait his own hook, 
and it didn't take long for him to catch a fish!

He caught three total, and since Big Jon always measures his fish with his foot, we thought we should do the same with Matthew's.

It was a busy weekend, and by lunch time on Monday, 
Haleigh was plum tuckered out.

She took a little nap break during lunch, then woke up and finished eating. 
Sooooo tired!
It was a great weekend of game playing, boat riding, campfire sitting, late night talking, lake floating, and sharing together with the ones we love. 
A full house indeed, but even fuller hearts. So blessed.

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