Saturday, June 18, 2011

Movin' On Up

It was a busy and exciting week for Jennifer
(and her helpers),
as she closed on her new house!

Here is the proud new homeowner.
Ta da!

Day 1 of the move: Jennifer and I loaded her car and my old van,
and moved boxes, clothes, small furniture, and anything else
we could manage to shove into the vehicles.
Boxes for the kitchen.

A few things for the living room.

Another view of the kitchen.

Taking a rest at the coffee table.

The first "room" with furniture: the patio.
Nothing wrong with hand me downs!

I think I'm gonna like it here!

Dinner at Kona Grill to celebrate the big day.

We had a yummy meal, and an attentive waiter named Matthew.
A celebrity look alike? (Too bad I didn't get a picture.)

Day 2: We brought in the big guns.

And they happily worked to load the truck.
Why are they always pointing fingers at me
when I'm taking their picture?

Jennifer "conveniently" had a hair appointment,
but Jim, Jon, and Adam
(under my careful direction, of course)
got the truck loaded in no time.

It is times like these, that Jim's years of Tetris really pay off.
Who knew?

He proudly shows off his packing skills.

Along with his happy helpers, of course.

At the new house, ready to unload.

And the fun begins again!

The kitchen is looking good.

Relaxing in the new living room.

Not quite everything in place yet, but definitely making progress.

This cabinet came from my Uncle Bill, to Ted, to Jennifer.
We thought it looked great in the new house.

After a dinner of hot wings on the patio,
I got a photo of Carl, Janelle, Jennifer, Emma, and Bryan.

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