Saturday, June 11, 2011

Swimmin' and Showin'

On Friday afternoon, after Matthew had a chance to practice some golf with Big Jon, we decided to cool off with a dip in Nana's pool. Well, he cooled off, and I just watched.

He had fun playing with Boomie in the pool, and practicing swimming all the way across without touching the bottom.

Ready, set, go!

After the swim, he had a little snack of ice cream with chocolate sauce. Yum-mee!

 Ice cream always brings a smile to your face.

Especially with chocolate sauce!

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to announce at the 4-H Area Show at the Hoosier Horse Park in Edinburgh. I started announcing after Jennifer was out of 4-H, and I enjoy the chance to be involved, in a small way, with the 4-H program.

Jennifer and I have lots of great memories from her years showing at the Area Show. I would say it was always one of her favorite shows of the summer. Especially because winning a class there meant you qualified to show at the State Fair!

Some of the special times that come to mind include the year the show was at New Castle, and she was sick (and threw up) from the heat after showmanship, took a little nap in our trailer's tiny air conditioned tack room, got up and went on to (successfully) show for the rest of the day.

Then there was the time that Caroline came along for moral support and got in trouble for getting on PeeWee without a helmet (oops!), not to mention that she wasn't actually a 4-Her (double oops!).

We always enjoyed putting PeeWee safely to bed in his stall, then driving past folks sleeping in stalls or the beds of their trucks on our way to the Hampton Inn. (Remember what I said about camping? It goes double for horse shows.)

Jennifer usually came to the Area Show just back from Horse Camp, so it was old home week as she and her buddies reunited in the show ring. For Jennifer, it was always a social event.

I also remember the year that she and PeeWee qualified for State Fair by winning the halter class. Anyone who knows PeeWee, knows why this is funny. I love him, but he is not exactly the picture of optimum muscular equine physique.

Soo many memories!

This year, I enjoyed watching this little girl.

Who has somehow turned into a big girl. How does that happen?

I was especially pleased to see Hannah looking good in a shirt we made. She wore it for her horsemanship class, and yes, she looked good, and her riding matched her appearance.

She won the class on her steady ride, Sonny. Such a good boy. He's been taking care of his riders for a lot of years now. And do you think she knew I was taking her picture? So cute.

In horsemanship, the riders execute a pattern on their horses, and are judged for their body position and the ease with which they guide their horse through each element of the prescribed pattern.

Great job, Hannah!

After my announcing duties were finished, I spent a little time visiting with Hannah's grandma and group back at the motor home. I'm told this is the redneck way to open an awning.

And Hannah's grandma Margaret offered an imitation of, well, someone....

I enjoyed my day with some great folks, and thought this photo of the boots was a fitting end to a long day of showing horses and making memories.

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