Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blankets and Baggage

I am honored and blessed this year to have the opportunity to be the mentor for a MOPS group. In case you don't know, MOPS stands for "mothers of preschoolers." It's a great place for young moms to find support, personal growth, and spiritual community. I tell them it's great fun for me to hang out with the young cool moms. :)

On Tuesday, the group worked on fleece baby blankets as a service project.

It was fun to see them teaming up to whip out about 20 blankets in the course of the morning.

They were busy cutting, knotting,

and even showing off mad multi-tasking skills.

Can you make a blanket with a baby on your lap?

And, of course, it allowed the moms to do some "mom networking."

They had a great stack of finished blankets to deliver by the end of the morning. Check out the MOPS Greensburg Facebook Page, and spread the word about MOPS. It's a great group!

I ended my day at our packing party with our Haiti team. I forgot to take pictures until we were almost finished, so this is the last of the packing pile...

and the tightly stuffed and carefully weighed suitcases.

The bags were loaded into 'ol Silver to be transported to the airport on Sunday.

After which our fearless leader (and I do mean fearless) sat down for a much deserved rest.

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