Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giving Thanks

We had a two day Thanksgiving celebration, beginning on Thursday at my brother's house. Here, his wife, Cheryl, and her daughter, Sam work on some dessert while the turkey cooks. Sam made delicious banana pudding too. Yum!

Host Ted makes sure everyone is well fed and watered (wined?).

Nana, Jennifer, Boomie, and Bryan enjoying the hors d'oeuvres.

Nana and Jennifer.

Big Jon even came along.

The beautiful turkey.

Jim did the carving.

We also had pie. Pecan and Sugar Cream. And I even made the Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pie Crust. Even I can do it.

Bryan and Jennifer.

Andrew, Darci, and the kids stopped by on their way back from Darci's family celebration. Ella was sacked out.

Matthew, however, was awake, of course.

We thought it was cute that Bryan and Matthew were dressed almost alike.

Jennifer and Sam snuggling with the Dora blanket.

Adam and Alli stopped by too.

And Evan and Dara came a bit later as well.

Jim moved downstairs for his post-turkey nap.

On Friday, we had our Thanksgiving meal at our house with all the kids, grandkids, grandparents, and my other brother and his wife. I didn't do a good job of getting a picture of everyone... it's hard to cook, serve, hostess, and most importantly, enjoy each moment when you're trying to take pictures. And I do believe that being present in the moment should be the goal. The moments pass so quickly. As Grandma Stewart says, "and pretty soon, you're ninety."

The table was set. Notice the basket?

Cell phones were collected before we could begin eating. Put your phone in the basket, or you don't get to eat. Harsh, I know.

Matthew is ready to eat!

Nana lights the candles.

Matthew and Grandma.

Nana did bring turkey for the traditionalists, but the star of the meal is the delicious and lovely traditional beef tenderloin.

Haleigh has a special spot for the meal.

Continuing our eating marathon, we had biscuits and gravy for Saturday brunch. Another family favorite.

Saturday afternoon, we watched Purdue bring the bucket back home after beating that team down in Bloomington. Thank goodness!

And since it was David's birthday, we celebrated with cake and ice cream. Chocolate chip upside down cake. Another family favorite. (We have lots of favorites.)

Matthew helped David with the candles. He arranged 2 candles on one side and 9 candles on the other. How can I have a 29 year old son???

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday, dear David...

Happy Birthday to you!
And after the cake, we all went to the basement for a family movie night, ushering in the Christmas season by watching the ever popular and oh so entertaining, Elf. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."

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