Sunday, November 13, 2011

Boiled Buckeyes

On Saturday, we headed to West Lafayette for the game between the Boilers and the aOSU Buckeyes. Now I'm usually a pretty good sport, and I never trash talk before a game, but let's just say that I don't like this team much. At all. Finish the sentence, "Oh how I hate, Ohio _____." (Sorry Buckeye friends.)

That being said, we knew it would take some sort of miracle to pull off a win. I think we were like 450 point underdogs. Or maybe it was only 45. But anyway, NO ONE thought we could win. So early in the game, I took a picture of the scoreboard. I figured it may be the only time we had more points on the board than aOSU. Yay Boilers!

Matthew and Andrew were enjoying the game. It was a beautiful crisp fall day, perfect for football.

Matthew checks out the scoreboard.

Andrew and Darci practice for the kiss cam.

Matthew ducks to avoid the kiss cam.

And look at the scoreboard now! Can anyone believe it?

And yet again. This isn't how the experts thought it would go at all. But it sure is fun, and we're enjoying it while we can.

Brutus was performing in the end zone. He was the only Buckeye that had been there at this point. :)

A flip...

and a bow.

By halftime, the Buckeyes had scored, and we enjoyed a great halftime show by the band with a transportation theme. Starting out with a train, of course.

We had a couple of extra tickets, which we shared with our friends Jeremy and Nicole. I know. They are wearing the wrong colors, but we're still friends. They are looking a bit worried at this point. We were still thinking it was too good to be true.

The referees seemed to do quite a lot of conferring during the game.

And at the end of regulation, after a Boiler block of an aOSU extra point, it's all tied up. Going into overtime!

The Boilers chose to play defense first, and the Buckeyes scored 3 on a field goal. Boilers with the ball move it inside the 1 yard line, and the quarterback stretches it into the end zone for the touchdown and the win! This picture shows the W flag going up to celebrate the victory. We like to see that!

It was a big win, and the students and fans celebrated on the field after the game.

Andrew, Darci, and Matthew cut across the field to get to their car.

I followed them down, and spent a few minutes enjoying the celebration.

I don't believe I have been on the field since this day... Ah, sweet memories.

The view was pretty nice indeed.

I ran into a happy Justin Siller down on the field. Glad to see he's hanging on to his helmet. :)

The band did their post game show from the end zone, since there wasn't room for them on the field. Hats backwards for victory!

I headed back to the car with a look back at the celebration. I know rushing the field isn't always cool, especially for a regular season game. After all, we should expect to win, right? Except we didn't. That's what makes sports exciting. And boy, was it ever exciting!

Our friends Nicole and Jeremy came back to the car after the game and let me take their picture. They were even still smiling. At least on the outside.
But we were smiling more! Boiler Up!!

In other news, our friend and fellow Boiler, Dave, was visiting his friends out in Oklahoma, and missed the game. He doesn't miss many football games at Purdue. You may have noticed his picture featured in our friend Ree's blog. Yes, he knows The Pioneer Woman. He was honored, along with all the veterans in the crowd, at the ranch rodeo he attended with her family. Thanks for your service to our country, Dave, and can I have your autograph?

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