Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Never Give Up on the Hodgepodge

Time again for the Wednesday Hodgepodge. Enjoy my answers to the questions, then click on the button to visit Joyce and the other participants.

1. What song reminds you of a specific time in your life and what is it about that song that makes you remember?
Music always evokes memories of times in my life. I think of nights after high school basketball games singing Foreigner's Cold as Ice, and college days dancing to Little River Band's Reminiscing and listening to Billy Joel and Dan Fogelberg. There were many years when I spent lots of time listening to Raffi (anyone else know Raffi?), and those songs bring back memories as well.
The song that I decided to share is one by Sandi Patty. You may know she is one of my favorites, and she sings many songs that I love. Cradle Song came out about the time our youngest baby, Adam, was born, and it was just a perfect reflection about mommas and their babies. One of the singers at our church sang it shortly after Adam was born, and dedicated it to us.

I watch beside your cradle
Your face touched by the moon
My heart just aches and trembles
With all my love for you

Your eyes shine like your father's
That nose looks just like me
I stare in awe and wonder
At such a mystery

How God can touch
The love of a man and wife
And blossom it
Into the breath of life
Just look at this life

Our eyes are filled with dreaming
We want so much for you
But we might fail you often
Before your life is through

Only your Heavenly Father
Can hear your every prayer
When we are just a memory
Your Lord will still be there

So on our knees
We pray this cradle song
That you'll always know
The Lord will keep you strong
We want you to understand
You rest in His loving hands
For you are Jesus' little lamb
Click the button to listen to Sandi sing it. You won't be sorry.

2. What's something you've given up on?
Ever having an organized house. 

Exhibit A:
                                 closet before                  closet after
 Yes, I did get a couple closets cleaned out last week, but there are many more just like this one.

3. What's something you'll never give up on?
My children.
My marriage.
My Boilers.
The power of prayer.
(In no particular order. :) )

4. If you had to cook something from scratch in the next hour what would it be?
Aunt Worth's Oatmeal Cookies. I'm always ready to make those. Aunt Worth was my husband's great aunt. When Jim and his siblings were children, his mom would take the ingredients to Aunt Worth, and she would make up a big batch of cookies for them to take home. I can't imagine them lasting too long among 5 kids!We have continued the tradition, and they are our favorite cookies.

5. Have you started Christmas shopping? Decorating? Listening to Christmas music?
I did a tiny bit of Christmas shopping when we were in New Orleans. I am one who likes to enjoy Thanksgiving before moving on to Christmas. I have listened to Christmas music though, as it cannot be avoided in the Wal-Mart. I think it seems too early, but I did hear a theory that we shouldn't get upset about Christmas coming early, as it allows us even more opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Savior. And that is something we should do all year long.

6. What do you know about your parent's wedding?
My parents got married on a Sunday afternoon in June, just a couple weeks after my mom graduated from college. My grandmother made the wedding dress, and I think she made the bridesmaids' dresses (which were lavender), as well. My mom's sister was her maid of honor, and my dad's brother was the best man. They had three other attendants. The wedding was followed by a cake and punch reception in the church basement. They were married in 1957, so they celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary last summer.

7. I can't believe I __am this old :)_________________.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Jennifer and Bryan are busy making plans for their wedding in April. They're letting me help too. :)
They recently had their engagement pictures taken, and they got some great shots.
This is one of my favorites.
Lover's Leap?
Jumping for Joy?
Head Over Heels?
Other caption ideas?

Oh, to be young and in love. :)
You can see a few more engagement photos here.

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