Monday, May 7, 2012

Derby Baby Birthday

We celebrated Ella's birthday on Saturday with a Derby Birthday Party. After the party, I asked Adam to guess how many pictures I had taken. He guessed 400, which was a little high.

The actual number is 392. Yes, he's a pretty good guesser. :)

And no, I am not going to post all 392 photos, but I will start with part I of the birthday celebration.
The guests were all asked to dress in Derby attire. Sweet Ella was wearing her pretty Derby hat.

Her daddy, Andrew, and sister, Haleigh were looking fine as well.

Darci made sweet and beautiful Derby cupcakes. Mint julep and red velvet. Mmmmmm.

Darling cookies with a Derby theme...

fit for a little girl who is 1 year old!

Andrew looked quite dapper manning the grill.

The kids all had great fun running in the yard.

Especially Harper.

So cute.

Matthew and Riley ran the first leg of the stick horse relay. Complete with jockey hats.

The seniors ran the second leg. I think they are actually called 'select.'

They received a garland of roses when they finished the race. Riley is checking to see if it smells good.

Grammy and Gramps took the kids to see the cows.

Josh took a couple more.

Boomie and the boys also checked out the cows in the barn.

Nana and Grandma visited in the house.

Birthday girl Ella and her pretty momma in their Derby hats.

A cake for 1 year old Ella.

And a cake for 93 year old Grandpa. Their birthdays are the 4th and 5th, so we had a joint celebration.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

And Happy Birthday Ella!

1 year old!

Haleigh was happy to show Ella how to eat her cake.

Yum - mee!

She is SOOOO BIG! Happy Birthday, Ella!

Stay tuned for part II! :)

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