Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ponies and Pinatas

Continuing with the Derby birthday fun, there were even two pinatas for the kids. I guess that's one way of beating a dead horse. Poor horsey.

Emerson took a turn first.

Her brother Harper decided it was his turn next. With 3 three-year-olds, Josh and Erica must facilitate a lot of turn-taking.

Even Baby Shayne got to take a turn, with help from Uncle Josh and Cousin Riley.

Carter didn't need any help.

I'm not sure Arden wanted to hit the pretty pony.

I don't blame her one bit. Nice horsey.

Haleigh thought about it for a minute...

then gave it a whack.

Matthew approached it like a baseball.

And Riley gave it a good one.

I think you got it, Riley.

Horse down!

Carter shook the insides out. Poor horsey.

And Riley and Matthew hurried to help.

Aunt Shylah helped Haleigh with some candy.

Just a little of the loot.

Emmy shared with Shayne.

Aunt Leigh showed Haleigh how to twirl.

Betsy and Reston were wearing their Derby best. They will trade in those duds for a wedding gown and tuxedo on Saturday! So exciting!

Several of the guests posed in their Derby attire.

The Robison women were looking especially fine... and missing sister Molly and her family.
It was a great day of celebrating, with cupcakes and cousins, ponies and pinatas, little girls and grandpas, and sweet special memories.

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