Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting Married in the Morning

This time last week, we were enjoying the 'day before the wedding' festivities. While the boys played a round of golf, a Stewart family tradition, the girls ate lunch in Zionsville at The Sanctuary. It is an old church turned art gallery, with a restaurant added, and we had the pleasure of a delicious lunch surrounded by the beautiful paintings of Nancy Noel. If you have never seen her artwork, you must check it out.

Jennifer even took a photo of the mother of the bride.

Jennifer and her maid of honor, Heather, friends since kindergarten. Heather will be married in August, with Jennifer standing beside her.

It was a blue sky day, although the forecast for the following day was not so good.

The girls all posed outside after the lunch. Such a pretty group!

My mother hosted us for the luncheon, and Jennifer posed with her Nana after lunch as well.

After a rehearsal at the church, which included the baptism of groom Bryan, we gathered at Maggiano's for a delicious dinner. Of course, we had some speeches to mark the occasion. David represented the two older Stewart siblings, and told some good stories, including the one where he slugged a guy who dared to disrespect his sister. Yes, even kind-hearted, peace-loving David can lose his cool when his baby sister is involved.

He also read a text message from Jennifer, from her early days of dating Bryan, in which she informed David that she was going to marry him.

Next up were Bryan's two oldest siblings, his sisters Adrienne and Erin.

They shared some good advice for the married couple.

Hugs all around.

Bryan distributed his gifts to the groomsmen, and his brother Justin promptly tried on his hat. I think it's called a 'Bryan hat.'

They gave thanks to all the friends and family gathered to celebrate the occasion.

When Uncle Steve grabs the microphone, you know you are in for some fun. Or something.

Steve, assisted by Andrew, got Jennifer and Bryan into position.

They were told to close their eyes and hug. Don't move!

Steve and Andrew then attempted to wrap the happy couple in toilet paper.

It was a bit harder than it sounded. Maybe they forgot to buy the expensive TP.

Darci came to help.

Thanks, Steve, for always being good for a little fun entertainment.

With only a little clean up after it was over.

The Stewart brothers sporting their jaunty 'Bryan hats.'

Matthew got one too, for his job as the ring bearer. He and cousin Ethan had a good time together.

Great smile, Matthew!

Jennifer and Bryan passed out itineraries for the day ahead to keep everyone on track.
Janelle and Jennifer, along with Heather, were headed back to Jennifer's house to share her last night as a single girl. "You're getting married tomorrow!"

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