Friday, October 12, 2012

A Huntin' We Will Go

Matthew and I took advantage of his time off from school for fall break, and went on our second geocaching adventure. I wrote about our first one here.You can learn more about geocaching here.

I didn't take photos at every stop, but we found four geocaches on our afternoon excursion. The photo below shows the view I most often had of my little map lover. That would be walking away from me with the phone/compass in his hand.
We stopped to find one at Buell Trail.
Checking the compass.
Reading the description.
Traipsing through the underbrush. (Even though the description clearly said that it could be found without leaving the trail. What fun is that?)
The hint was a good one, and led us right to the spot.
Matthew checked the log, and then we signed it.
He took a nickel and left a Purdue button.
And we were on to the next one. Again, a photo of his back as I tried to catch up.
Reading the description and checking the map. The geocaching app has lots of information to facilitate the search, including street and topographical maps, a compass that calculates distance to the spot, and a description about the size of the container and difficulty of the cache.
Success! He spotted it, but wanted me to get it out. He was a little leery of the container, especially since the title of this cache was 'Beware the Squirrel.'
He said, "Granny, you hold it and I'll take the picture this time." Don't get bit!
Just an innocent little squirrel.
He did make friends with it eventually. :) We signed the log, took something, left something, and returned the little critter to his hiding place home. Interestingly, I learned that this cache was hidden by someone I know who no longer lives in the area. He and his family are avid geocachers.
Our last hunt of the day was entitled, "Big Hat in the Sky." I won't give away the location, but we found the cache and enjoyed a snack at the same time. :)

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