Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hey Adam, It's Your Birthday!

Twenty-two years ago today, we added a sweet baby boy to our menagerie. If I remember correctly, I dressed the four older kids and sent them to a Halloween party while we went to the hospital to have a baby.
Adam Carter completed our family, and even at 22, he'll always be my baby.
Yes, he liked Thomas the Tank Engine, and carried his trains in a bag to keep him occupied while attending the older kids' activities. Nana made him this awesome cake to celebrate being three. Looks like Caroline and Jennifer were wearing spots that night.
I think my boys all keep their hair so short now just to pay me back for so many years of this hair.
Just one in his series of broken arms. I believe this was his first, just before vacation, of course.
Ready for prom.

A ten year 4-Her.
And last spring outside the famous room 202 at the fraternity house.
It's hard to believe it's his senior year of college, and I think even Adam wonders how it happened so fast. Ready or not - you're a grown-up! Even so, you'll always be my baby.
Happy Birthday Adam! I love you!

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