Saturday, November 10, 2012

Boiler Up!

It's college game day, and since the Boilers will be facing off against the Hawkeyes in Iowa today (hello Miller family!), I will post photos from the game last week in West Lafayette. You might say it's do or die time for the Purdue team, since they can't seem to figure out how to win a game. Or who should be quarterback.

Shylah and Jennifer and I made a trip to Purdue Pride before the game against the Nittany Lions, and found Drew Brees there. The girls posed for a picture with him.
Carl and his girlfriend Laura stopped by the tailgate, and we enjoyed seeing them.
We also found this guy in the tailgate lot. We had been looking all over for him.
We managed to get a picture of the whole clan, minus the little ones who stayed home where it was warm and dry.
The halftime show was a salute to the armed forces, complete with a moving tank and a plane with jet engines.
It really was the highlight of the game, since watching the football was a bit painful for the fans.
The band paid tribute to Neil Armstrong, depicted atop the World's Largest Drum.
We discovered that our friends Kyle and Kristin were in town for the game. And it sounds like it will soon become 'their town.' :)
Jim even got in the picture. It was fun to see them, along with several more of David's fraternity brothers, who all piled into the van with the ten of us for a cramped cozy ride through campus. Ah, the college life!
Meanwhile, Haleigh was practicing her 'Boiler Up'.
Let's hope the Boilers have been practicing, and are ready to play today. We are HOPE-ing for a win!
And in other news...
Andrew had a little mishap during a basketball game, and will be having surgery on Monday to repair a broken bone in his hand. Yes, he finally broke a bone. Or should I say he finally broke one of his own bones. :)
I will be praying for him from Haiti on Monday, and invite you to join me in prayer for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery. Love you, Andrew!

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