Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Fun

I needed to make a quick trip to IKEA this morning, and Darci and the girls came along for the ride. It was their first trip to IKEA, and there was so much to see!
Haleigh wanted a map and a pencil to work on her wish list. She put her pencil behind her ear just like her daddy does.
Sweet little shopper.
Ella enjoyed shopping as well.
We ate in the cafe, and Ella had a tasty lunch of chicken nuggets and fries.
We purchased pillows for my trip to Haiti. Seems many of theirs were ruined due to Hurricane Sandy. I will be leaving tomorrow, and would be most grateful for your prayers.
Back in the 'burg, we had a fun supper at Pizza King with these three cuties. Love them!
Looks like Ella is saying a prayer for her Granny. Bondye beni ou, Ella!

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