Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Girl Loved

On this day, 27 years ago, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Jennifer, into the world. She was our third baby, our princess, our little girl. And she still is.
She was welcomed by two older brothers,
who surrounded her with love and protection.
She was joined by another...
and yet another, brother,
who made her tough,
and loved her well.
They helped make her strong, competitive, smart, and compassionate.
They always stood up for her, and just may have frightened away a few would-be suitors. (Wouldn't you be scared?)
There was eventually one they didn't scare away, and the brothers were beside her on her wedding day...
celebrating with her and sharing the love.
Because now, there's another boy in the picture. (A brave one, indeed.)
And she is a blessed girl, with so many who love her well.

And on your birthday... we remember who it was who loved you first...

your daddy...

and your mama.
And you'll always be our little girl.
Happy Birthday Jennifer.
I love you!

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