Monday, November 26, 2012

Davidpalooza! (Alternate title: Happy 30th Birthday!)

My first born turns 30 today! A cute little bundle born the day after Thanksgiving, who made me a mom and stole my heart. He is brave, kind-hearted, smart, and loving. He definitely has brains... and a whole lot more!
In honor of the occasion, we gathered for a celebration of Oz-ian proportions... Davidpalooza! We reprised the costumes from Halloween 1988, with a few more characters added, making our appearance at Purdue's legendary Breakfast Club. The last home game of the year (for the bucket, of course), Adam's senior year, and David's 30th birthday made for a festive early morning gala.
Tin Man, Dorothy, Lion, and Scarecrow (aka Birthday Boy). And yes, he's wearing the same hat and the same collar. I save everything. :)
Glinda and the Wizard.
The Wicked Witch and Glinda.
Dorothy and Toto too.
 There was even an appearance by Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. In black and white, of course.
Let the celebration begin!
Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
A big ol' Cowardly Lion. Put 'em up, put 'em uuuuupppp.
The whole group, off to see the Wizard!
And for a perfect ending to the day, a Boiler victory over that team from B-town.
So that the bucket stays in WL where it belongs. :)
And the Wicked Witch (who is not a witch at all, but David's beautiful wife, Shylah) and the Scarecrow lived happily ever after.
Happy Birthday, dear David,
Happy Birthday to you!
I love you!

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