Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Year, Another Birthday

We celebrated a birthday over the weekend - mine actually. :) Growing up, I loved having my birthday in January. Does everyone else think their own birthday is the perfect time to be born? It was especially great if it fell on a weekend and there was a high school basketball game. I remember getting to celebrate with my friends at Pizza Hut after a game when I was in high school. There was also my senior year, when the big blizzard hit, and we celebrated with a party at my house after being snowed in and off school for several days. When Jonathan was in high school, the team beat the rival Bulldogs as a special gift to me on my birthday (even though Jon was hurt and didn't play in the game).

Now I share my birthday month with my daughter-in-law Darci, and my granddaughter Haleigh. We celebrated together with Aunt Barbara at Grandma and Grandpa's house on Saturday night.

Matthew, with an early February birthday, got to join in the celebration as well.

There were even number candles for me. Never mind about the order. :)

And Adam celebrated my birthday with a special tattoo from his house at Purdue. I think they had a party in my honor.

On Sunday, the actual day of my birth, we went to Jersey Boys with Bryan and Jennifer.

We enjoyed the show from our seats in the balcony.

And I tried out the new panorama feature on my iPhone. I was finally able to update my phone after transferring 1200 of my photos to my computer to free up space on my phone. And I have another 1400 or so still ON my phone.

The show was followed by dinner at St. Elmo's with most of the gang. (Missed you David and Shylah!) Of course, the meal started with the famous shrimp cocktail. Guaranteed to open you up. Or as my brother said, "blow the top of your head off."

 Jon took this shot of his plate midway through his meal.

Haleigh and I shared a laugh after dessert of bread pudding and cheesecake. Delicious!
It was a great day, and fun to have the opportunity to celebrate another year.
So blessed.

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Joyce said...

Happy Birthday!! I also wanted to add I enjoyed your post on Haiti... We move from disaster to disaster it seems and it's good to be reminded of what has been lost.