Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pigskins and Princesses

We celebrated birthdays over the weekend. Sunday was Haleigh's birthday, and she shared the party with Matthew, whose big day is coming up in February. There were awesome cupcakes, made by Darci, following the football and Cinderella themes of choice.

And equally awesome cookies by Darci as well.

Arden was busy taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. :)

Harper is looking especially handsome in his new glasses.

He cooperated well when I asked him to smile.

Even while eating his corn. Yum!

Ella was ready to eat.

And even uses a spoon all by herself.

Harper, Haleigh, Emmy, and Shayne around the table.

And Matthew, almost nine years old!

Being silly with Aunt Shylah.

Shayne and Ella took a little break after lunch and before dessert.

Sharin' a little lovin'.

Meanwhile, Hay did a little reading.

Time for birthday cupcakes!


and Haleigh.

Haleigh watches as her mommy lights the candles.

So much fun to be three years old!

Happy birthday, dear Haleigh,

Happy birthday to you!

Matthew is more subdued during the singing. After all, this is the ninth time he's done this. :)

Happy birthday dear Matthew!

Shayne enjoyed her cupcake. At least a taste of the icing.

Haleigh digs in.


And Ella.

Little cutie.

Arden had a hard time understanding why there weren't presents for her. Fortunately, her birthday is next!

Haleigh liked her name puzzle from Nana.

And she and Ella played with her new dollhouse.

Matthew beat me in our first match of his new game Suspend.

David was wearing Shylah's scarf while checking his iPhone.

And the other boys were playing a game of 'who is taller.' Maybe Jon is getting taller as he gets thinner.

It was a great party, and as the guests headed for home, and the girls (and Grandpa) headed for nap time, Matthew and I worked on his new battleship. And time marches on...

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