Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday, Cayman Style

My post about the turtles yesterday got me thinking about all the fun times we have had vacationing on Grand Cayman over the years. As best we can figure, our first trip to that beautiful island was something like 25 years ago. How is this possible when I am just an eyelash past 25 myself?

Anyway, in honor of 25 years of Cayman trips, I have created a little 'then and now' series with photos from the archives along with photos from last week. So here we go for a little trip down memory lane....

THEN:  Andrew being buried in the sand by Jonathan and Adam (1995).

NOW:  Matthew being buried in the sand by Ella and his dad, Andrew.

THEN:  Andrew on Seven Mile Beach sporting a Dallas Cowboys hat (1994).

NOW:  Matthew on Seven Mile Beach sporting his New Orleans Saints gear (from Granny, of course).

THEN:  Andrew bringing a piece of coral out of the water (1989).

NOW:  Matthew bringing water onto the sand.

THEN:  Our 5, feeding the tarpon at The Wharf. Jonathan, Andrew, David, Adam, Jennifer (December, 1995).

NOW:  Matthew, feeding the tarpon at The Wharf.

THEN:  Andrew, holding a turtle (1990).

NOW:  Matthew, holding a turtle.

THEN:  Our 5, holding turtles. David, Jennifer, Jonathan, Adam, Andrew. Yes, David and Adam both have casts on their arms (March, 1995).

NOW:  Darci, Haleigh, Andrew, and Matthew holding a turtle.

THEN:  Boomie helping David and Andrew hold a turtle (1989).

NOW:  Boomie helping Matthew and Haleigh hold a turtle.

THEN:  Jennifer in the sunset (1990).

NOW:  Haleigh in the sunset.

And finally, Andrew sleeping THEN (1989),

and THEN (1994),

and NOW.
What special memories we have shared with my parents, our children, and now our grandchildren. We do love time at the beach, but mostly we love time spent together. Blessed.

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