Saturday, July 6, 2013

Boats, Burgers, and Bluffing

We had a quiet July 4th at the lake, which started out with a boat ride with our neighbors on Wednesday evening. When we returned to our house, Dave, Jamalyn and the kids had arrived to spend a couple days with us.
 Nathan and Jim were up early, doing some bonding with their electronic devices.
Jim fixed a delicious breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and a scrambled egg or two.
There were golf plans for the men in the afternoon, so we got some tubing in before they left. Margaret loves tubing!
She and her daddy were hanging on and enjoying the ride.
Until we started in to the turn at the end of the lake, and off they went! Up went the flag and we circled back to get them.
And she was still smiling.
She wanted to finish the ride, this time with her mommy. Smiling.
And not smiling. :)
Well, Margaret was still smiling.
Gumbo with the wind in his ears.
Nathan keeping a close eye on the tubers.
Jon met them for golf, and came back to the house for supper. He grilled some mighty fine burgers for us.
Which was a precursor to the real reason for his visit. This game. It's called You're Bluffing, and he learned it when he was a counselor at church camp with Dave. Each night, after the campers were asleep, they would deal the cards and play 'til the wee hours of the morning. Jon reported that it was the  best. game. ever. Trouble is, that it's out of print. Not available. And Dave and Jamalyn's game got misplaced. Until now. It recently resurfaced at their house, and Jon was excited to be reunited with the old game. Dave gave excellent instruction on the rules of the game for Jim and me, who had never played, and to refresh the memories of Jamalyn and Jon. I can't believe I didn't get any photos of our game, but it required my undivided attention. It was highly competitive (shocking, I know), and the eventual winner was the one to whom Jon had suggested as having odds of 25-1. Is there a trophy for the first YB lakehouse winner?
But before the card game, there was an evening boat ride...
 scattered fireworks,
and maybe the most beautiful sky-over-lake view ever.
Happy Birthday America!

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