Monday, July 1, 2013

Showering Baby Davis

Jennifer was the guest of honor yesterday at a baby shower given by Ruthann and Janet. They made it a special day for her, and we were especially glad that Ruthann was feeling well enough to come and enjoy it with us. God is good!
The decorations and treats were adorable, and followed the gray/yellow/elephant theme of their nursery. The cookies, made by Darci, spelled out 'Baby Davis.' So cute!

The napkins were little onesies with elephants. Aren't they darling?
Two sweet elephants decorated the table...
and watched over the treats.
Cupcakes, also made by Darci, and also beautiful. (And tasty!)
They used the elephant mobile I made as a decoration above the gift table.
We added a sticker to our name tags to make our guess as to the gender of the baby. Lots of us guessed boy! We shall see.
Janelle came to share the day. She and Jennifer are sorority sisters, and they roomed together in college, and shared a house after graduation.
Janelle was Jennifer's roommate before Bryan. :)
Shylah and Jennifer were pretty in their almost matching dresses.
Jennifer opened her many gifts, and we all got a kick out of this gift from Bryan. It is a shirt that he will wear to help her FOCUS during labor. There is an ultrasound photo of the baby on the shirt.
Heather kept track of the gifts on Jennifer's computer. Good thing, since there were a multitude of thoughtful and useful gifts, including several blankets. This one was made by Bryan's cousin, Amber.
Janelle made this one.
This quilt is from Shelly, made by her mother-in-law. Shelly also made a soft yellow crocheted 'lovey size' blanket for the baby.
This one is from Shylah, made by her grandma. So much love in those special handmade gifts!
She also received several stuffed elephants. They will look so cute in the baby's room.
From the Smileys, a musical gift, of course.
Bryan's mom gave them a Baby Bjorn for Bryan to use for carrying the baby. He really wanted one!
Haleigh and Makenna intently watched the gift opening. You can see Haleigh's prediction that the baby will be a girl.
They were ready when Jennifer needed help with a large gift from Nana, Jenny Anne, Cheryl, Sam and Dara. It was a high chair! After all those beautiful handmade blankets, Dara joked that she made the high chair. :)
Haleigh took care of the wrapping paper.
A group of lovely ladies: Courtney, Darci, Shelly, Abbi, Shylah, Cheryl, Sam, and Dara.
The Davis women: Amber, Erin, Ashlyn, Ella, Lauren, Adrienne, Annette, Addison, and Lynette.
The favors were cute candy bags with lemon drops and tape measures. The girls made guesses on Jennifer's belly measurement, and Courtney decided to find out for sure.

I'm not sure what the number was, or who came 'closest to the pin', but they had fun with the measuring.

Jennifer with Bryan's mom, his sister Adrienne, and nieces Ella, Lauren, and Ashlyn.
Bryan's sister Erin, Ella, Jennifer, Lynette, Addison, Ashlyn, and Amber.
Ella Stewart gave Addison a little love.
Jennifer and her friend Jacklyn. Jacklyn and her husband, Brian, have a 3 month old daughter, Aria. I'm sure they will be having play dates soon. :)
Janet, Elizabeth, and Ruthann.
I tried to get a picture of Makenna and Abbi with the little girls, but the little ones didn't really want to look at Granny.
Janelle and her mom with Jennifer.
Nana, Jennifer, and me.
Darci and her mom pose with Jennifer and the little girls.
Darci, Jennifer, Courtney, and Shylah. Hellooo baby!
Mother - daughter pose. :)

And just for fun, we did a back to back, and belly to belly shot with Heather and Jennifer. It's so exciting that they will be having their babies a few weeks apart. Heather is due in just a couple weeks.
I see some play dates in their future, 'cause friends are friends forever. And I'm pretty sure their babies will be friends too. :)

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