Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Years on a Friday #2

Summer seems to be flying by... we're already halfway through July!
(Just an little impromptu poem for a Friday morning.)

To go along with the poem, I'll share some fun photos and random thoughts from the last couple of weeks. We'll call it Fascinating Friday. You be the judge.

After Jennifer's baby shower, we celebrated Shylah's birthday at one of our favorite places, El Reparo. She wore the sombrero and ate the fried ice cream. Great picture! Especially the 'Haleigh eyes.' :)
You might remember Big Jon's version of the 'Haleigh eyes.' Silly, yet similar... hmmmm.....
In June, son Andrew attended the Beef Leaders Institute in Saint Joseph, Missouri, hosted by the American Angus Association. While Jim was watching TV last weekend, he saw a report about the conference, with a photo of the participants. Hey, there's Andrew! (The red arrow didn't actually appear on the TV screen. Lol.)

Also last weekend, we made a trip to another favorite place, Big Woods. I'm proud that I can order (and drink) my own beer now. Never too old to learn. My beer of choice is the Yellow Dwarf Wheat.
We shared an appetizer for our meal, so that we could enjoy a delicious and beautiful dessert. Chocolate peanut butter brownie.
My mom had a birthday this week too. Here she is with my dad and Matthew.
Darci made her a beautiful plate of cookies with a turtle theme. She did not share. Do you blame her?
I went to Jennifer's after jury duty yesterday. She and Bryan have been busy with a few finishing touches in Baby Davis' room. It looks so cute. Won't be long now.
This barn is coming down soon, which makes me sad.
This is Mini, one of our two golden retrievers. When we had them shaved a few weeks ago, we discovered that she was very thin under all that hair. Turns out her kidneys are failing, so she's on a special diet. No more treats and table scraps from the kind ladies in the office. We were at the vet today for a blood test to see how she's doing. It's tough to get old. Sweet girl.

And finally, a very Happy Anniversary to Andrew and Darci. They are the second couple in our family to be celebrating five years on a Friday. 2008 was a good year for weddings!
Their fine looking wedding party.
Happy Anniversary, Andrew and Darci!

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