Monday, August 12, 2013

A Celebration of Cousins

Our weekend was a busy and special one, as we had a reunion with my cousins that I have not seen for several years. My brother was the instigator of the event, and I think we are all grateful to him for making the effort to follow through with the plan.

Kent and Michelle flew in from Atlanta, and Meg and Brooks, with their adorable son Charlie, drove over from northwest Ohio. We all gathered at Ted and Cheryl's for dinner on Friday night, where we were joined by my parents and some of our children.

We enjoyed fun fellowship and great conversation, and laughed at the telling and retelling of old stories as is often the case when family gets together. I believe Jim and young Charlie had an interesting discussion on farming, too. Charlie might even hire Jim to work on his farm someday. :)

The next day, they made the journey over the river and through the woods hills and hollows to our Brown County home on Sweetwater Lake. We are blessed to be able to share the fun of the lake with family and friends. Since I had inadvertently double-booked the weekend, we had family, friends, and cousins galore.

Charlie enjoyed the lake with his dad, and took a ride on Shamu both in the lake,
and on the watermat.
He also tried out the pirate ship.
Yo ho ho!
Inside, Ella was hanging out with Gumbo.
Gumbo is always one of the favorite attractions at the lake, or anywhere he goes.
Everybody loves Gumbo.
The little girls enjoyed some pool time on the dock with David D.
The cousins took a boat ride on the pontoon for a tour of Sweetwater.

Cheryl and Ted.
Michelle and Kent.
Nana and Boomie. Happy Birthday, Boomie!
Charlie, Brooks, and Meg.
Charlie and Gumbo. I repeat, everybody loves Gumbo.
Charlie said he enjoyed himself at the lake so much that he felt like he was at home. So sweet. He will be starting first grade next week.
The four cousins posed for a couple of pictures. Hopefully, next time, we will add my brother Michael, and our cousin Elizabeth to complete the group.

I had a little girl trying for a photo bomb by holding my hand in the picture. I'll take that any day. :)
My mom and dad, the cousins, spouses, and Charlie.
We celebrated Boomie's birthday at dinner, before the cousins headed out. It was a great reunion, and we are already working on plans for the next gathering.

On Sunday, there was time for some rope swingin'. That's Matthew!
There he goes again!
Shelly tried a flip from the platform. She really needs a chair to stand on to give her enough momentum for the fancy stuff.
Abbi is ready to try it.
There goes Andrew.
Darci put together a little collage of Matthew swinging. He's gotten very brave on the rope swing!
He and Abbi also did a little tube surfing back in the cove after tubing. They soon toppled off the tube and had to swim back to the dock. (photo also by Darci)
The new paddle boat works great. That is a full load!
Three cuties on the dock.
And a perfect sunset to end the weekend. God is good.

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