Monday, October 14, 2013

Hammer Down Cancer!

Time for another Monday recap of our Saturday at the Purdue game. This one was the first game for 7 week old Noah James or #noahjames as his friends call him. :)

We picked him up (along with his mommy and daddy) bright and early and headed to the tailgate lot.
Here is the obligatory flag photo, showing another blue sky day for the game.
Jennifer was sporting her cool Purdue shoes,
and getting Noah settled for breakfast with the Boilers.
The boys were ready for breakfast too.
Even Granny got a turn to hold Noah.
It was also special to get a photo of sweet 2 week old Nora Jane meeting Noah James at their first game. I'm sure they will spend many fall days cheering for their Boilers. It's in their blood.
They even demonstrated a little of what many Boiler fans are feeling this year. Even grown-up Boiler fans. :(
Nora and Noah with their proud Boiler mamas.
Noah with his mommy and daddy.
And just one of many crazy Cornhusker fans.

The Boiler fans were less enthusiastic. :) That's Jim on the right, a neighboring fan on the left.
Dr. Dave stopped by to say hello. Not sure what Jon and David are telling him here...
Of course we played some corn hole.
Jennifer's former roomie Janelle stopped by.
Batman and Spiderman were spotted in the area.
Some of us did attend the game, and we got to see cousin Teresa receive a Special Boilermaker award.  From the Purdue Alumni Association website, the award details are as follows:  "Established in 1981, the Purdue Alumni Association Special Boilermaker Award honors a member of the Purdue faculty or staff who has contributed significantly to the improvement of the quality of life and/or the betterment of the educational experience for a substantial number of Purdue students."
Congratulations Teresa! Teresa and I have a connection, because when Jim and I lived in West Lafayette I babysat for her son Jimmie. Baby David and Jimmie were good buddies. Also, Teresa's dad and Jim's dad are first cousins.

This game was the 'Hammer Down Cancer' game, and it was great to see the pink throughout the stadium.
It was a picture perfect day, even if our team is not quite close to picture perfect. See the flagpole to the left of the American flag? It is reserved for raising the 'W' flag after each Boilermaker victory. I'm afraid we may not see it again this year. That does not, however, keep us from supporting our team and celebrating the small victories along the way. We have a new coach, and we will give him a chance to turn those Ls into Ws! Boiler Up!
Jennifer was happy to see Mary, her friend and fellow AXO, and introduce her to Noah. Can you tell from the background we were playing Nebraska? So. Much. Red.
Bryan, Jennifer, and Noah enjoying Ross-Ade.
I liked the band's pink feathers. And I always like the flips.
The halftime show was an awesome tribute to loved ones we have lost to cancer, to survivors, and to those currently in the fight. They formed a huge ribbon,

spelled out Believe,
and HOPE, while cancer survivors stood in the stands and were recognized on the big screen.
I was thinking of my friends and proud Purdue grads Donna, who fought so hard, and Ruthann, who fights today. Let's Hammer Down Cancer!
Later in the game, there was a video trip down memory lane as we looked back on what we call 'the catch.' Our family remembers this game well.
Late in the game, our favorite quarterback, Drew Brees (in case you weren't sure), threw an interception which led to an OSU touchdown and put them up by 3 points.
With 2 minutes to go, Brees dropped back to pass and, on his third (or was it fourth) read,
found a wide open Seth Morales. TOUCHDOWN BOILERS!!
It still gives me chills. You can see for yourself in the video. :)

With the game well in hand (not by Purdue) we joined up back in the tailgate lot for some more socializing. Shylah took a turn with Noah.

Newlyweds Carl and Laura stopped by for a visit.
Kylee, Shylah, and Noah.
Here's a photo of cousin Teresa and her family. Jimmie and his wife flew in to surprise her to celebrate her Special Boilermaker award.
Kylee made friends with the Sigma Chis parked beside us, and they even gave her a t-shirt. They are fraternity brothers of the aforementioned favorite quarterback, by the way.
The clink 'n drink is a big hit. Thanks, Becky!
Kristin had to work, but arrived in time to have a turn with Noah.
Kylee thought we should have a Stewart family photo since all 5 kids were there. Unfortunately, by this time, Andrew and Darci had left, and David was visiting the porta potty.
So we just took what we could get for the photo. Oh dear.
We even had a visit from Anne Marie, Jennifer's sorority mom. So much fun!
After a diaper change in the van, it was time to head home.
Another game in the books, and many memories made.
Sweet dreams of a Boiler victory, Noah! One of these days.....

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