Sunday, October 20, 2013

King of the Cob Pile

On Friday, Matthew got to experience a rite of fall for kids on our farm - the cob pile. When seed corn is harvested, it is brought in on the cob, then shucked and sorted. The cobs are discarded through a long tube, and shot out onto a big pile.
Needless to say, the mountain of cobs beckons the young ones to try to reach the summit. Matthew stopped part way up before deciding to climb to the top.
And climb he did!
A beautiful blue-sky day, white puffy clouds, and one of the biggest cob mountains ever!

 King of the mountain!

And after you reach the top, of course you have to slide down to the bottom.
While it helps if you have something upon which to slide (like a field sign, which, by the way, works on snow as well), it's possible to just slide by the seat of your pants.
Which is what he did.

Up he goes again.

Running across the 'mountain.'

In this photo, you can see the cob 'pipeline' from which the cobs shoot out onto the pile.
A slide down the back side brings the little cob climber back to the ground.
He found a rogue ear of seed corn on the ground, and our hob nob with the corn cobs came to a conclusion.
Happy harvest, everyone!

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