Friday, October 25, 2013

Celebrating Adam's Game of Life

Happy Birthday to our 'baby', Adam Carter Stewart! He was joyfully welcomed into our family 23 years ago today.
He was named Adam Carter, which gave him the same initials as his great-grandfather Arthur Carter Stewart, who started the family seed business. Grandpa John Stewart always carried this photo in his wallet (maybe still does) to show and tell that child number 5 had to go without shoes and shirt. :)
 It looks like he enjoyed his cake on his first birthday.
He liked all things trains, trucks, and tractors, and the fire truck cake was for birthday number 5.
Our children usually got their first 'friends' party at age 6, their kindergarten year. These cute little cowboys enjoyed a barn party, complete with roping and riding on good ol' PeeWee.
Adam celebrates with Jonathan, David, Jim, Andrew, Caroline, Jennifer, and Nana. Notice the Drew Brees Jersey and the MNF cake. I think the year was 1999.
As I was doing some cleaning recently in preparation for painting, I came across this project made by  11-year-old Adam documenting his life. Wasn't he a clever kid? I'm guessing I gave him a little help in putting together the timeline. :)

Now he's a grown-up kid man with a real, grown-up job, earning frequent flyer miles and acquiring stamps on his passport. As he celebrates his birthday today I pray that his game of life will continue to be filled with love and laughter, trusting God through the bumps and thanking Him in the blessings.

Happy Birthday, Adam!
I love you!

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