Saturday, February 22, 2014

Come Sail Away

I have always loved sailing. Well, I guess I should say I have always loved the idea of sailing. And I guess what I'm actually saying, is that I have always loved the clothes that sailors wear. Is there anything cuter than little children in sailor suits. I think not.

My sea loving heritage goes way back. This is my favorite picture of my dad as a child wearing his sailor suit. Isn't he cute?
My grandpa was actually in the navy. He looks so dapper in his uniform. I still have that uniform, by the way, along with his crisp white summer one. Andrew modeled it for a program at an assisted living facility when he was in high school. He is tall and thin like Pampaw was. Pampaw played the french horn in the Navy band.
Here I am sporting a sailor collar in a photo with my brother, Ted. I was probably 5. I even had a prom dress with a sailor collar. It was white eyelet, so it didn't really look like I was ready for tacking into the wind, but I liked it. I also liked those letter jackets with the big square collar in back. Since our high school mascot was the Pirates, it seemed especially appropriate. Back then, letter jackets were only awarded for sports. I did not receive such an award.
It only followed, that when our first baby was born, he would wear a little sailor suit.
And soon, we were a whole sailin' family. I think I may have mentioned it before, but I know, my hair.
And then there were four little sailors.
Easter, 1988. Yes, I was a sailor suits and saddle shoes kind of mama. Don't judge. :)
And Easter, 1989. Most of these festive outfits can still be found in the depths of my closets. Shocking, I know.
Five kids, two sailors. The beauty of hand-me-downs.
Little Adam even had a boat. And a sailor bear to join him. Look at his little curls.
All smiles for the church directory photo, although I remember being 'grumpy Mom' getting everyone ready for the picture. And I'm sure it wasn't the only time. Just keepin' it real here. Sailor Jennifer's dress matched her American Girl doll, Samantha, and even came with a little gold whistle a la Captain von Trapp. (I do know where the whistle is, but I never managed the marching children.)
All this leads up to the fact that I will actually be a sailor this week. Well, I will be a passenger, on this beautiful ship, visiting some beautiful destinations, with some beautiful people, including Sandi Patty and some of her special friends and guests.
But the most beautiful part is that I will be traveling with these beautiful women on a trip we've been talking about for years. And I don't have a single sailor suit in my suitcase.

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Joyce said...

Bon voyage! Have a wonderful time with friends and sunshine!

Terri D. said...

I have so enjoyed this post and all the wonderful photos!! What fun memories - and more wonderful memories to make!!