Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello, Sandi!

Tuesday was our first 'day at sea', and started with a question and answer session for the women only. Anita, Amy, Sheila, Angie, and Sandi were ready to answer our questions and share their words of wisdom.
The session was moderated by Sandi's adorable oldest daughter, Anna, who did a wonderful job keeping all the ladies in line.
It's fun, because we remember Sandi bringing Anna on stage when she was just a baby.
After the Q&A, there was a meet and greet time with Sandi and all of her friends. I was excited to meet Angie Smith. She had her new book, Chasing God, for sale, along with I Will Carry You, which is the story of her daughter Audrey.
I had brought some copies of her children's book, Audrey Bunny, and she graciously signed them for us. Ruthann had her picture taken with her.
And so did I. Such a sweet, sweet woman. Her twins were with her at the meet and greet, and they signed my book, too.
Then it was our turn to meet our friend Sandi. She noticed our t-shirts, and we told her all about them and Ruthann's cancer journey. We even brought a t-shirt along to give to her! (Of course we did!) I also gave her a little hanky holder that I had stoned with her name, and she loved it too. :)
We were talking all at once, and I'm pretty sure she didn't understand anything we said, but we had fun, and got a great photo with our friend. :)
Later in the day, I ran in to sweet Ellie Smith wearing her hat. They are precious and polite little girls.
We had lunch on deck near the seaside pool.
There is even a basketball court on board the ship. We did not play basketball.
There were line dancing lessons. We did not do that either. Just watched. I thought our Jonathan could have a future teaching line dancing on a cruise ship. The big guy in the orange is the activity director.

The evening program was Wayne Watson and Pastor Jim Lyon.
 Sandi and Wayne shared their song, In the In Between.
 And Sandi and Don ended with The Prayer. One of my favorites.
A great day full of fun and inspiration.
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Cathy said...

I could so get into that cruise!!

Sarah said...

Such a great time with great friends!

Terri D. said...

Thanks for sharing this with us!! What a great day!