Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Another Round

Happy Birthday to our son, Andrew!

A little farmer from the start, he was always ready to ride a tractor, whether on the farm with Uncle Gilman...
in a parade on the Fourth of July...
or in a pedal tractor pull at the county fair. (Look at that determination!)
He loved walking through the corn with his daddy, especially on Field Days.

Working with his 4-H heifer was a glimpse of things to come.
The tractor exhibit at the Smithsonian was a highlight of the museum (well, until we lost Dad, that is).
Oklahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!
He loved cows (that's a steer, actually),
big trucks,
and working hard.
And now, he's all grown up and celebrating 31-derful years. He still works hard.

He's a farmer...
 a cattleman...
a husband...
and a daddy.

But he'll always be... my little boy.

And that's no bull.
Happy Birthday, Andrew.
Your mama loves you!

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Cathy said...

Fun post and Happy Birthday to your son!