Friday, September 18, 2009

My Mama Told Me, You Better Shop Around....

Jennifer's good old Explorer bit the dust, and it was time to go shopping for a new car! It will be Jennifer's first car in her own name purchased with her own money.

We solicited the expert help of Uncle Michael, and after narrowing down their choices via internet, we set out to do some test driving. First stop, Shelbyville.

Here, Michael is checking out the engine. I guess that's an important thing to do? Looks good to me!

Jennifer was pretty annoyed with me for taking pictures the whole time, but it was fun, and helped to keep all those cars straight.

Only the best will do, only the best for you, Acra Automotive Group...... Checking out some cars at the Greensburg location.

This one has an awesome sun roof. More like a sun convertible on an SUV. I think she likes this one......

On to Columbus to drive three more. Michael's choice is the Subaru. Ergonomically perfect.

Tell me how you really feel about me taking your picture? We're just flippin' over these cars.

After lunch at Fazoli's, a decision is made, and we head back to Greensburg to get the Jeep Liberty. When we pulled in the lot, she found it waiting for her all decked out in her Purdue license plate. Definitely sealed the deal.

Stop at the bank, credit check, and CONGRATULATIONS! you are the proud new owner of a new (used) car. And a car loan! :) Gotta build that credit. A successful shopping day and a sweet set of wheels for our girl. Happy trails, Jennifer!

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