Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesdays With Matthew

On Wednesdays, I am blessed to be able to pick up Matthew from school and bring him home for a couple of hours until his mom gets off work. Rush County Schools dismiss a half hour early on Wednesdays, so I arrive at school to pick him up at 2:30. It is so much fun to have him run to greet me at the fence when his class comes walking out for dismissal. His school is in Arlington, and his principal is Mrs. Innis. We taught together at Rushville Elementary, and it is nice to know she is there watching out for Matthew. She does a great job with the school.

This is the 100th year for classes at Arlington, and they just got shirts today boasting, "100 Years of Quality Education." Matthew was so proud he had to change into his new shirt in the car on the way home. Next year, they will have a brand new school.

He rides bus number 39 (in the background) in the mornings.

Carter is also here on Wednesdays, and they enjoy their time playing together. Today they worked on some dinosaur coloring sheets to decorate our workroom, and Matthew showed Carter his new football helmet set with all the teams in the Big Ten.

When it is time for Carter to leave, he always has to make a trip to the snack machine, and invites Matthew to come along. Today, they each chose Doritos for their snack.

Here they are together ready to munch down on some chips. Mmmmmm....

You can also see Matthew's brand new Arlington Wildcats shirt. It's purple! :)

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