Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where Were the Boilers?

Another beautiful football Saturday. We arrived bright and early, set up tailgate camp, and enjoyed food, friends and family in the R lot. We are quite good at the whole tailgate thing, and it's great to welcome guests to our little corner of the Boilermaker fan village.

We had some awesome desserts, requested by Jennifer.

The traditional juicy burgers seasoned with Miss America spice.

The menu also included chips and dip, apples and dip, cheesy potatoes, and an assortment of beverages. David and Shylah enjoyed the day, and we also welcomed Shylah's brother Joe and girlfriend Mikayla, and a couple of David's chemistry friends.

It was a nice surprise to have Sabrina Smiley and Cole Weber stop by, and it was great to see them and hear about Sabrina's start at U of Indianapolis.

Peter Reding also joined us. He is walking on to the PU baseball team, so that is keeping him busy for now.

We were honored to have David's advising professor Dr. Dave McMillin join us at the tailgate as well. He is such a great guy, and was especially interested in hearing about Jennifer's work with sheep. Not everyone is comfortable with that kind of discussion!

We also got to meet Jennifer's new friend Dustin. Jim: "So, Dustin, have a seat." Too funny....

The half time performance of the band was the ONLY highlight of the game.

This is a random guy wearing the jersey of Jonathan's all time favorite player, Mike Alstott. Can you tell the game was a bit hard to watch?

Shy made us a reservation at Outback to lift our spirits and we enjoyed some great food and drink, along with great company.

The cheese fries and margaritas helped us forget the agony of defeat, and we'll be back for more next week when we take on the Irish of Notre Dame. That's pronounced the American way! Boiler Up!

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