Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesdays With Matthew

Wednesday is my day to pick up Matthew from school. I was a little early, so I took a drive through Arlington to see the new school. It looks like they are making great progress! The school is scheduled to open next fall, so Matthew will be among the first group of first graders at the brand new Arlington Elementary. Hope it lasts another 100 years!

When we got home, I was busy checking mail, etc., when I noticed Matthew in the pantry. I guess he was hungry for an after school snack, and had assembled some ingredients to satisfy his craving. Can you tell what he had in mind??

I had not really planned on making cookies today, but what's a Granny to do?? We got busy mixing up a quick batch of everyone's favorite, Aunt Worth's Oatmeal Cookies. Of course I may have to lobby soon to have the name changed to Aunt Susan's! :)

All mixed up, with a few tastes for quality assurance. Matthew liked using the cookie scoop.

Mmmmmmm..... hot from the oven.

Here he is sharing the finished product with Aunt Janet. Earlier, he had offered her a taste of the dough... on his finger! Which is, in my opinion, the very best way to eat it.

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