Friday, September 25, 2009


It's Friday! Spent a little time working, booked tickets to Haiti, out for lunch, and some time on the road. A good day, spent with special people. Jamalyn (the kids say my bff Jamalyn whenever I send her a text - like the commercial with Grandma texting her "bff Rose") came and we booked our tickets to Haiti in November. We'll have a small group going to take school pictures, spend time at the orphanage, and visit friends.

Jennifer had the day off and came to finalize her car purchase. She (and the bank) are officially the owners of that snazzy Jeep Liberty. So exciting. She was just in time for lunch, and we had a nice time at Chili's. Here are Jennifer and Jamalyn showing off some Chili's coasters.

Jennifer and I picked up Matthew from school in Arlington. He thought her new car was awesome, and can't wait for a sunny day when he can take a ride with that sweet ragtop sunroof open. He spent some time reviewing all the teams in the Big Ten, and told Aunt Fer that there are actually 11 teams in the Big Ten, since they let Penn State in. :)

He asked for one of his favorite snacks.... dill pickles. He ate two bowls, and thought they were Yum-my! Aunt Fer and I aren't crazy about pickles, so Matthew was pleased to give Fer a sweet pickle smooch when it was time to go.

Next stop, Columbus to meet Andrew and friends. They will all be with us for our tailgate tomorrow before the big game against Notre Dame at 8 p.m. When I told Matthew that he wouldn't get to stay for the game since it's so late, he said, "That's ok, you can just text us to tell me who wins." He had a little snooze on the way to Columbus. He really is sleeping, even though it looks like his eyes are open.

Here's Matthew with Matt, Abbi, Makenna, and Andrew on their way to get some supper before heading north. I'm sure they had a lively road trip. Hopefully no one mentioned "pig yuck."

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