Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jesus Loves the Little Ones

The Gunn Family celebrated a special blessing today as Harper, Emerson, and Arden were baptized. They had a proud group of family members there for the service. I'm sorry the pictures aren't better. I'm still working on being unobtrusive and not using a flash. I think I should probably be retained in my intro photo class. :)

Riley and Harper listen carefully before the baptism.

Erica holds Harper, her dad, Ken holds Emerson, and Josh holds Arden.

Sorry I caught Grandpa with his eyes closed!

Pastor Jimmy pours and blesses the water.

Harper was interested and allowed Pastor Jimmy to hold him during the baptism.

Emerson was not so brave.

Arden took her cue from her sister.

Pastor Jimmy likes to walk around with the babies after he baptizes them, and he was pleased that Harper again came to him. They're buddies now.

The sweet family after the service. They were so good during church.

After church, we had a picnic planned out on the lawn. David Ricke was busy at the grill preparing our lunch.

Because of the threat of rain, the picnic was moved inside. Of course, our cook kept on working...

stoking the fire...

and grilling those perfect pork chops. Mmmmmm....

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE the Baptism Song...I've actually been listening to Kenny Chensey's cd and singing it ALL week long!! How funny that you used it on here! Love you!!