Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ticket to Ride

Thursday was Kids' Day at the fair, so Janet and I decided to take the little boys to ride the rides. Grandma and Grandpa Stewart gave each of them money to buy tickets. They were excited!

They checked out the poultry barn first, and saw some interesting birds.

Matthew and Riley tried quacking at the ducks.
And Carter looked a goose in the eye. At least I think that's a goose. I'm not a poultry expert.
We had a little lunch before the rides opened.

Matthew wanted a taco salad. He likes everything except the lettuce. I think that's called nachos.

We spent some time posing by the tractors.


and Riley.

They even let Carter join them for a picture.

And one of Carter by himself.

Those are some big tractor tires!

It was finally time for the rides to open, and they wanted to try out the roller coaster first.

Hold on!

This was the frog jumper or something like that. It went up, and then sort of bounced down.

Next in line for the Crazy Bus.

On to the bumper cars. Riley was tall enough to ride by himself, but Carter and Matthew needed us to go along. Luckily, I was the one with the camera. :)

No head-on collisions, Grammy!

They checked to see if they were tall enough for the big slide.

Here comes Matthew.

Carter had a pretty worried look on his face.

But they were all three ready to go again.

Several times.

We all took a ride on the ferris wheel. They thought we could see the whole world. Well, almost.

These next pictures aren't very good, but I thought they were so funny, I had to include them. This was a "fun house" called "Beach Party." As they came out, there was a rotating cylinder they walked through like surfing. I use the term "walked" rather loosely, as you can see from the pictures.

Carter spent most of his time rolling, and one of the others had to pull him out. The nice ride man even stopped the turning a couple of times so he could get out. Not that he really wanted out.

They probably went through four times. This one is one of my favorites.

No one was hurt, and they all had a ball. In fact, when Carter saw that I had one more ticket left in my pocket, he grabbed it and ran back for one more trip through the Beach Party!

Riley even talked Grammy into going on the big ship.

After a fun, hot afternoon at the fair, it was time to head home.

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ERICA said...

I love the photos from the baptism. Thanks for documenting our special day! Love, Erica