Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Treat

I went to get Matthew in Louisville on Wednesday, and we made a stop at our favorite place, The Comfy Cow. I would go there every day if I lived in the neighborhood. I might call it ice cream heaven.

Matthew had a scoop of Cookie Monster Dough. Yu-ummm!

They even had a cute little fleur de lis hook holding up this pink rocking chair. Just for me.

Matthew had fun spinning on the stools.

It won't be long before Haleigh is getting a scoop of her own. She can't wait!

Of course, I had my favorite, Peppermint Stick. They brought it back to celebrate Christmas in July. They are currently having a promotion to vote for the next great flavor. I vote Peppermint Stick.

I have probably posted this sign they have on the outside of the store before, but I love it. And I agree. In fact, I think tomorrow will always be a day away. So for today... ice cream. Love it! Thanks Comfy Cow.

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