Saturday, July 24, 2010

Showering Miss Katie

I attended a lovely bridal shower today in honor of our friend Katie who also happens to be Darci's cousin. I didn't get to take as many pictures as usual because sweet baby Haleigh was there, and, well, I spent more time holding her than holding my camera. As it should be.

The food table held some of Katie's favorite things, and had these pretty flowers in the center.

Guests brought their gifts unwrapped, to help save a tree or two, and it was fun to see all the things displayed. This pretty "wedding cake" was cleverly made of towels.

Miss Clara enjoyed a Twizzler or two as the party got started.

Haleigh was showing off her two teeth,

as well as her new skills: sitting up...

and crawling. She did very well, even with a dress on. And fancy shoes.

And, oh yes, back to the bride. :) Katie enjoyed visiting with all the guests, and we played a sweet game. It involved candy.

I think David's mom brought her this gift. It's a frog that you get wet and it grows into a prince. If only it was that easy.....
Becky and Katie share a laugh over the frog/prince gift.

The bride and her sweet mama.

Another mom and daughter, Jessica and Janet.

Long time (not old!) friends Janet and Becky.

A suitcase from the mother of the bride filled with fun things for their Cayman honeymoon. I hope someone can make them some rum punch!

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