Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blogging, Babes, and a Bride-to-Be

Well, I have been on a bit of a blogging break, 
mostly because this little girl...
is getting MARRIED a week from Saturday. 
Oh my, there has been much doing and planning going on here, 
and it has not left me much time for the little ol' blog. 
I'm sure you have missed me, right? 
We have been working hard on those fun and special wedding touches, 
and I hope to share some of that after the wedding.

I did take a few photos with my phone last weekend, and planned to share them on Monday as a 'weekend update', but, alas, it is already Thursday, and I am just now getting to it. 
I know, blogger fail.
Jonathan asked me to go to lunch last week, and I always take that as an opportunity to swing by Rural King while we're out so that he can help me purchase the necessary horse feed and shavings for PeeWee, who will be 30 next month. I think that calls for a horsey birthday party, don't you? Anyway, it is a much easier task with the help of a big strong guy like Jon, so I bribe him with lunch. 
Works every time. Well, almost every time. :)
While we were browsing in Rural King (don't be jealous), we stopped to look at the tanks of baby chicks. They are cute, but like all babies, they grow up. Into big chickens. Which is fine if you like big chickens.
The baby ducks were cute too.
This tank had only two little ducks left. 
Which would make it difficult to purchase the minimum of 4 required according to the sign. 
I thought they looked a bit lonely.

On Friday evening, we had a dinner with the kids and friends at our favorite, El Reparo. 
Andrew and Ella enjoyed the festive meal.

Saturday afternoon, I headed to Purdue for Moms' Day with Adam.
 I filled up the Tahoe on the way. Ouch!

Adam posed in front of his door, the same room that Andrew lived in at the fraternity house. 
We did some shopping, and then had dinner with his class of brothers and their mothers.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was being treated to a bachelorette party/weekend with some of her best girlfriends. They sent me a few pictures throughout the evening so I could see the fun they were having.

While they were celebrating, I was driving home in this. Yuck!

I love this one of Jennifer with her sisters-in-law, Darci and Shylah.

Jennifer had a great time, and was properly pampered and partied as the pretty bride to be. 
The countdown continues!

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