Friday, April 20, 2012

Week in Review

On Sunday morning, I woke up to three dogs: Mackey, the black dachshund belonging to David and Shylah, Emma, the corgi belonging to Jennifer, and Gumbo, the shelter dog belonging to me. Looks like a three dog morning.

Monday evening, I attended a jewelry party, and took this photo of the beautiful dogwood tree in the front yard. My favorite!

Beautiful Margaret wanted to pose in front of the tree in her pretty party dress.

On Tuesday morning, I snapped this picture of the sunrise.

Tuesday afternoon, I took Gumbo to the groomer for a haircut. I think he needed one!

On Wednesday, Emma and I headed up to Indy early, with Pee Wee in tow for his spring check up at the vet.

Wednesday was also this little girl's 6th birthday. Her mom sent me a photo of her wearing her new jacket. It should fit for a while! Happy Birthday Margaret!

Jennifer and I combined the trip to the vet for Pee Wee with some wedding meetings and a chance to work on the seating chart. We enjoyed her patio as we worked.

On Thursday, this came in the mail. What a smart guy!
Oh, and when I went to Blogger to write my post for today, it's all different! Changed. Things in different places. Oh.... my.... How do you feel about change? Does it throw you for a loop, or are you good at coping with change? I guess I try to remember the old saying that, "the only thing constant in life is change." Or something like that. Have a great weekend!

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