Monday, April 9, 2012

An Easter Brunch

After church on Easter Sunday, we enjoyed a lovely brunch at Hillcrest. Dara, just back from spring break in Florida, and Samantha, just turned 15!

Adam, happy to have an internship for the summer, and Alli, looking forward to her own birthday later this month.

Shylah and David, happy that their drive home took a mere 1 hour 40 minutes. Yay for a new job in Dayton!

Ted and Cheryl, who came from their (still new) home in Carmel to join in the festivities.

Jonathan and Evan. One smiling, one not.

The brunch buffet was filled with many delicious choices. Beautiful fruit...


several varieties of meat...

and a delicious looking dessert table.

Jennifer was eyeing my mimosa.

Continuing around the table, Jennifer and Bryan, counting down the (very few) days until their wedding.

Nana and Boomie, our gracious hosts for the meal.

Pastor Jimmy, celebrating his birthday with us after leading the services at church. A big day for Jimmy! And Jim, enjoying a good meal, as usual.

We had quite a group at the table.

We had a cake for Pastor Jimmy

and Samantha, to celebrate their just-a-day-apart birthdays.

They managed to blow out the candles,

and we all enjoyed the delicious cake.

The girls headed to the car after lunch.

The golf course looked beautiful enough to play a round.

What a great idea! Some of the boys had a change of clothes and clubs in the car. What luck!

Jonathan has to play every day or so, or he gets a little grumpy.

The boys love their golf, but it proved to be quite windy and difficult on this Easter Sunday, so they came home and gathered in the basement in time to watch Bubba Watson win the green jacket.
Happy Easter indeed!

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